Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wii Are Having A Good Time!

Meg and Josh are here for the weekend - a belated celebration of Sandy's birthday. Last night they walked through the door with a birthday cake, hugs, smiles, and overflowing joy. In the strictest sense you could also say that they were in their birthday suits.

Our apartment is "colorful and trendy," says Meg. Josh says we are "cool."

Agendas aren't a real strong suit in our family, so we just kind of go with our whims. Watching TV is not the norm either, but last night Funniest Home Videos got us laughing hysterically. Josh continues to help me with the guitar, and I am beginning to play a few Cover songs. Lyrics and melodies of my own creation are beginning to emerge - I think I can eventually write some stuff.

Waffle House is our high end joint for breakfast cuisine - we always go there for breakfast when we are together (unless we are at the cabin, and then we go to the 95er - our 5 star dining). Tradition prevailed, but no more food for me until dinner.

Intermittently Josh and Meg are playing Call of Duty on Wii, and some other video games. When I can hold up my left arm I am going to play - and play the guitar even better!

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