Friday, March 19, 2010

When Spring Arrived!

Officially spring arrives on March 20. Old man winter is laid to rest - disappearing like the snow he once heaped upon us. Bitter, cold days and nights are displaced by the onset of brilliant sunshine and warm, dewy nights. Drab gray, brown, and barren trees resurrect and transform into palettes of living colors and hues. Birds that months ago retreated for warmer climates wing their way back to the place of their birth to rebuild their homes and continue the cycle of life.

Twenty-two years ago the vernal equinox brought with it our perfect daughter Meagan! If only everyone could know a person like her - full of warmth and color - a transforming presence wherever she makes an appearance!

Meg . . .

Mom, Dad, Justin and Erika, Josh, and everyone who knows you - loves you. Your infectious giggle. Your wit. Your passion. Your unpretentious disposition. Your humor. Your tears. Your artistry. Your boundless compassion. Your commitment to things of substance. Your understanding of God's grace. Your freedom in Christ. Your beauty - inside and out. Your boldness. Your love for family, friends, and life itself. Your wildness and elegance. Every thought of you a reminder of the splendor of a life well lived!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wii Are Having A Good Time!

Meg and Josh are here for the weekend - a belated celebration of Sandy's birthday. Last night they walked through the door with a birthday cake, hugs, smiles, and overflowing joy. In the strictest sense you could also say that they were in their birthday suits.

Our apartment is "colorful and trendy," says Meg. Josh says we are "cool."

Agendas aren't a real strong suit in our family, so we just kind of go with our whims. Watching TV is not the norm either, but last night Funniest Home Videos got us laughing hysterically. Josh continues to help me with the guitar, and I am beginning to play a few Cover songs. Lyrics and melodies of my own creation are beginning to emerge - I think I can eventually write some stuff.

Waffle House is our high end joint for breakfast cuisine - we always go there for breakfast when we are together (unless we are at the cabin, and then we go to the 95er - our 5 star dining). Tradition prevailed, but no more food for me until dinner.

Intermittently Josh and Meg are playing Call of Duty on Wii, and some other video games. When I can hold up my left arm I am going to play - and play the guitar even better!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lost (Pt. 2)

In the last post I wrote about being spiritually lost. Most who read Enjoying the Adventure have some kind of spiritual orientation. Usually those beliefs are based in Judeo/Christian roots as found in the Bible. So when I speak of being lost such readers understand that I am referring to a condition that means we are disconnected from God. We are living this life without His direction and our truest purpose.

To give us understanding about our disorientation He describes our condition with strong metaphor - Spiritually, we are equated to someone who is physically dead. Physically dead people no longer have the use of their five senses: taste, touch, hearing, seeing, or the ability to smell. Apart from a Divine work, we are spiritually unable to taste and see that the LORD is good, sense His touch, hear His voice, or offer up spiritual sacrifices. God is clear about that.

At the soul level most people live with an unspoken sense that something is missing or broken. An haunting emptiness resides within that nothing from the material world can permanently satisfy. The well of the human spirit is meant to be filled with God, and none of us can collect enough of the other stuff to fill that void.

Are you like me, a bottomless pit in your capacity to receive mercy, forgiveness, saving, grace, goodness, kindness, etc. from your friends and fellow man, but find it is like trying to collect water in a sieve? Do you soon find that they can't give you enough; you immediately hunger for more?

There is a reason - God is forgiveness, salvation, grace, goodness, kindness, and more. Everything that was lost in the Garden of Eden - everything we want the most - can only be found in God.