Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting Re-Centered

On January 15-16, Sandy and I will be at Planet Fitness Corporate Headquarters for pre-sale training (Sandy is going to work with me until she starts teaching). On January 17, pull an ox out of the ditch (we load up a U-Haul on Sunday). Early in the morning on the 18th we head south. This week is incredibly busy, and we have a list of people we want to see next week before we leave. Stress is trying to gain a footing in our spirits. We keep pushing back.

Both of us are adventurous, but we also realize that once again we are starting over. Starting over is not a new thing. Several times during our 32 years of marriage our journey has required that we let go of a lot of stuff and travel light - this time we are traveling ultra-light. At the present all we know is that we have a home address in Columbia, and that we have employment. This one is a whole new journey - this one is definitely different.

For us, these are times when the hand of God is the most difficult to trace. Personally, more than any of the other moves, I think I understand the trepidation biblical Abraham must have felt when God (who was a complete stranger to him) spoke, told him to pack up his belongings, and depart for a land he would eventually show him. Never have I felt I knew so little about the One who directs our steps. Faith looks very different from this view from the deck, so God looks different.

Also, there is an in congruency that is mine right here. Right now. Physically I am dead tired, yet my mind and soul are beyond wide awake. I know I am out of balance. Wobbly. Scattered. But it is through journaling that my mind, soul, and body begin to get reoriented toward God. It creates a vortex that helps draw everything toward a center, rather than spiral out of control.

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  1. "I am CONFIDENT in this, that He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it."
    Looking forward to the story God is writing in your life. He is the Hero, keep your eyes on Him.
    We will continue to pray for you both.