Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Strobe Lights - Closing Doors - The Sights and Sounds of Christmas

As each year passes it becomes more and more difficult for Sandy and me to be away from our children. Not even on our most optimistic days of child rearing did we ever dream of one day sharing the depth of relationship that has become ours with Justin, Josh, and Meagan. Now when a major holiday comes around the great anticipation is not receiving a gift or a day off from work. Instead, we ache for a reunion with our kids.

Yesterday, Miss Meagan loaded her suitcase into Scooter's hatchback (Scooter is the name she gave her VW Golf), left Georgia College, and picked up Josh in Atlanta. Together, they turned their backs on the warm, sunny Southeast and began the journey toward the cold, snowy Northeast - destination Philly, then Massachusetts, and finally Maine. Last night they finished the first leg and spent the night with friends in Philly. This morning they resumed their journey to the Commonwealth. It's been a devil of a day. The traffic has flowed slower than molasses running uphill on a cold winter morning. But tomorrow all four of us will climb into the Expedition and make the final five hour leg of the trip - together - to Old Town, Maine.

For Sandy and me the sights and sounds of Christmas will be a set of headlights that will pierce the darkness and strobe the front yard - and the sound of two car doors and a hatchback open, then close.

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