Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Man on the Moon and One in a Treestand

Even the darkness will not be dark to you, the night will be like the day. For darkness is as light to You. ~ Psalm 139

Beneath me is a food plot shaped like an L, and it wraps around the northwest corner of a 10 acre dove field. To the east, and just above the treeline, the full moon has appeared in broad daylight. Though it is daytime, it is only slightly dimmed. I can clearly see its most distinguishable and notable characteristic - the Man on the Moon.

The night is like the day. For darkness is as light to you . . .

Hmmm. I wonder if just such an image inspired King David's words? I know it is a mystical sight and causes my heart to muse on the Divine. For me, God has made nature a significant spokesperson. The created world truly makes the invisible visible. My spirit is refreshed and encouraged when . . . The heavens declare the glory of God.

I am doing the rough copy of this post while sitting in a tree stand with a crossbow by my right side. Technically, I am hunting. But not really. Actually, disappointment will not show up if a deer does not. Soaking in the sounds, identifying different types of trees, the smells, and the amusement I get when dusk's shadows play tricks on my eyes and imagination (subtle movement of shades of light can make a bush look like a buck) keeps me entertained.

Earth and moon are drifting apart. Around me - my world grows dark. Above me - the heavens begin to glow. Rays from the sun, which I can no longer see, are bouncing off the pocked surface of our natural satellite. The Man on the Moon's silhouette is clear and sharp and dapper.

I took the bolt from the crossbow and disarmed it; legal shooting has long passed. Now, I am content to watch two does cast moon shadows as they cautiously approach the table spread before them. Though at first wary, they have settled in and are peacefully grazing. They have no idea I am 15 feet above watching their every move, and enjoying them for the magnificent creatures they are.

Perched on this moonlit pedestal it occurs to me . . . I, too, am finding nourishment. For my soul. Through God's created world. A nourishment a venison steak could never provide. Quickly, cooling Georgia night begins to chill my nose and cheeks and exhilarates me. Yet - at the same time - a warmth and soothing fills me. Why? Because in the midst of so much sensory awareness it has occurred to me . . .

God is just above me. Watching me. Enjoying me for what and who I am.

Even the darkness will not be dark to you, the night will be like the day.

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