Friday, September 25, 2009


I hoped that there would be a wireless network in our neighborhood we could . . . well pirate. No dice. You see, we recently canceled our Comcast bundle. No TV (which is absolutely fine with us). No internet. But we have a new IT headquarters--Dunkin' Donuts. It's only 10 minutes from the house, and the internet is free. It's a great set-up. There is a lounge area with comfortable, brown leather couches and chairs. Across the length of the back wall is a granite countertop with plenty of outlets to stay powered up. A television mounted close to the ceiling is broadcasting the Red Sox/Yankees game. No one seems very interested. Heads lifted for just a second when A-Rod hit a belt high fast ball out of the park. Next to me is a young couple, and they are loading programs into their new PC. They asked me to help them. Now that is funny--I can load a gun, load a hay wagon, load a wood stove, and I used to know how to load film into a camera (now they use memory sticks. Do you load memory sticks?), but beyond turning my computer on, and clicking a few icons, I am a clueless.

I told them I am a Mac user.

We can no longer access cyberspace as quickly, or as often, as we are accustomed. But I am not sure that is such a bad thing.

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  1. I hope you and Sandy are doing well and I imagine autumn has been gorgeous as you watched the leaves change and witnessing the handy work of our Lord. Oh, how jealous! The best we have is North GA mountains. Continue to enjoy the adventure the Lord places before you. The Risher's in Atlanta.