Sunday, July 12, 2009


Caught up with some friends at our church cookout. It's been awhile since I have talked to anyone except Sandy and myself. Dreary morning clouds gave way to patches of blue and then acres of soft, sunny skies. Kids were running around every which way, and there was plenty of hot dogs, hamburgers, and all kinds of other stuff that is rich in everything that will lead to poor health!

Tomorrow, I will drive to the office for a few hours and see if I can get some work done. I am looking forward to getting back into the stream of life that has been mine for the last 30 years.

BTW--I watched the movie "Defiance." It is based on a true story of a group of WWII Jews who took flight and banded together in an epic adventure of survival and determined resistance against the Nazi extermination. It is worth the investment of a couple of hours to watch.


  1. I will give it a shot. I wish you would add me back to facebook

  2. I have that movie in netflix. I wish you would add me back to your facebook.