Friday, June 26, 2009

The Truth About Truth

One of the stops in China was Morningstar School. Like many private schools in China, they are pressing forward trying to educate children, many of them from the lowest rung of the economic ladder, so cash is in great demand, but in short supply. Also, teachers are in great demand and in short supply. Educators are in desperately needed throughout the entire country. The sparsity is so acute, that with modest qualifications, you could be on a campus, almost immediately, using your expertise, and pouring your life into young hearts and minds hungry to learn.

Morningstar, has outgrown several locations. Recently, they purchased a large building and are giving it an entire makeover. Their investment will allow them to double their growth. While visiting Morningstar, Robert and Sara and Sandy and I was given the VIP tour. Children rose to their feet, and greeted us loudly and warmly as we entered their classroom. Each of us gave them a little bio, and they listened with rapt attention. Placards with ancient Chinese proverbs could be seen on every wall. Surprisingly, cleverly matched, were proverbs taken from the writings of monotheistic Jews -- pearls of wisdom from both cultures -- and they were in agreement on a central truth or core value. As I stood reading the compressed conclusions of spiritual sages, most of them only one line long, I was reminded that the Truth can be rejected, buried, twisted, or exchanged for a lie. But the Truth about Truth is that it finds its way into every culture and people group. There is always someone -- everywhere -- who catches a glimpse of truth's transcendence.

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