Saturday, June 20, 2009


Maybe my perspective is infantile, but I put a much higher value on experiences than on my financial net worth. I have always had enough Benjamins, but when my days here are over, I will not leave a lot of cash behind. Yet, if experiences and adventure have value -- then I am Bill Gates. If my life and money runs out simultaneously, Father has more than held up His end of our partnership.

Today, I pulled one of my neighbor's kayaks out of its cradle (ours are still in Massachusetts), carried it to the cabin, slid it down the steep bank, and eased the bow into the Penobscot just shy of its current's edge. How many times have I skimmed down the river? At least one-hundred. But every time I do, its like the first time. I absolutely come alive! If what one of the early Church Fathers is quoted as saying is true, The glory of God is man fully alive, then Bill Shorey is not only going with the flow of the river as he leans into his paddles and pulls away from shore. He is going with the flow of God -- the physical is transcended by the spiritual -- he is fully alive!

All my experiences have not been pleasant. Maybe it would be more honest to say many of my experiences have not been pleasant. A realization about myself has come to light -- I always expect life to play out large, and in one sense it does -- just as my adventures always exceed expectation, so do my disappointments. Most of my heart and spirit is stout and sturdy, but there is a boyish part that can be faint and fragile.

That's my perspective . . .


  1. Really nice... looks like I have some catching up to do since it's my first time visiting your blog! I read a few, cried a little...and enjoyed a lot~ Thanks.

  2. Bill - you need to read Wisdom of the Wilderness. It is your world. You'd love it.