Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bailey: March, 1998 - June, 11, 2009

If you have followed my blog you have read posts about our dog, Bailey. Our irascible pooch made it into about 8 posts. In most of them I was cataloging some kind of mischief he had gotten into. Yesterday, we had to have Bailey put down. I say, we, but it was our son Josh who took him to the vet. There were no options -- a degenerative spine left him paralyzed in his back legs -- his time was up.

All the Shorey men are fierce. My sons are Jedi. None of us have ever picked a fight, but neither have we let a bully cower us -- not once. We are stand up guys to the bitter end. All the Shorey men put a high value on loyalty. We are also tenderhearted, and life often makes our heart ache. So, true to form, I want to tell Bailey and Josh's story. Like I said, all the Shorey men are tenderhearted, and to me, what I am about to write is a story worth telling . . .

Since Bailey became paralyzed, Josh has talked with Sandy, me and his brother and sister every day. All of us have cried. Sandy, me, Justin and Erika are in Massachusetts, and Meagan is away at college, so Josh had the lone responsibility to say a final good-bye to the only dog we he had ever had as a family.

Josh made sure that Bailey's last day was special. Even though Bailey was paralyzed, Josh got a big kick out of the fact that he never quit being his goofy self. Though paralyzed, every time someone showed up at the house he started his excited barking and tried his best to go bounding to the door to greet his guests -- Bailey thought every time the doorbell rang, no matter who it was, they dropped by to see him. Throughout the Bailster's last day, Josh gave him scoops of his favorite treat -- peanut butter. That night, Josh cooked him a steak, lovingly fed it to him, and spent the night sleeping beside him on the floor.

Bailey was a little nervous as Josh carried him into the vet's office and laid him on the table. With great tenderness the pet doctor injected Bailey, and soon he became calm and peaceful and then his once endless energy was gone.

Josh took him back to our home in Columbus, GA. and buried him in the woods behind the house. Geesh, I love that boy.

I thought it would be good to repost one of our adventures with Bailey. He was a force of nature, a pain in the butt, and larger than life.

Bailey, our dog, now under the exclusive care of Josh, got out of the house and did not return a few hours later covered with red, Georgia mud, and stinking to high heaven, as was is his usual routine. In fact, he never returned at all that night. The next morning, Josh got up to see if he was at the back door. No Bailey. Josh returned later that day, and there was still no Bailey, so he decided to call the dog pound and see if he had been incarcerated there.

Sure enough, the lady answered our son's inquiries and said that, indeed, she was in possession of a white wheaton terrier. . . Check that. She had been -- he was no longer there -- the owner had picked him up earlier.

Josh was taken aback, to say the least. "I am the owner, and I don't have him." he said.

The lady at the pooch prison said, "Well, we know that the dog's tags said he belonged to Bill Shorey, but the lady who came and got him told us Mr. Shorey gave Bailey to her over a year ago."

"No. My father didn't give Bailey away (Although I have unsuccessfully tried to do so on numerous occasions. Ask Richard, Kendall, Maris, Emily, Luke, Tim, Ben, Sarah, Alec, Miranda, the Mitchell family, random people asking for directions, and every salesman who ever rung our doorbell). Bailey has been with me, but he escaped yesterday and didn't return."

Neither Josh, nor I know how the dog warden got Bailey back from his temporary owner, but my guess is that even though she may have been a thief -- she was not completely stupid. After about an hour of Bailey's antics she probably figured out that she had gotten a lot more than she bargained for!

Bailey is now back in the possession of our son.

I guess that is good news . . .

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  1. Bailey was a valiant warrior with a passion for life. He is missed by all.