Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Freakish Thing

I have played sports my entire life. As a 53 year old man I cycle spring, summer, and fall. During these cold New England winters I work out 6 days a week lifting weights and getting generous amounts of cardio, I am blessed with the blood pressure of a 25 year old, and I eat food that is good for me, and rarely indulge in food that is not good for me.

I returned from the emergency room a couple of hours ago . . . I should have gone on Wednesday.

What happened?

A totally unexpected injury that reminds me of the gospel invitation I heard in church as a kid. You probably heard it yourself . . . The preacher tells a story about a guy who doesn't come forward during the invitation, leaves church, steps off the street curb, and a bus runs him over. Missed his last chance. Seems like a highly unlikely scenario, but he attests of its truth.

I wish I could tell you I got hurt on some grand adventure doing something like rappelling, hiking, rock climbing, or even a non-life-ending-step off a curb-get hit by a bus-story! Nope. Not the case. Mine is a highly unlikely story, but I attest of its truth. It was a freakish thing . . .kinda like stepping off a curb and getting smooshed by a bus.

On Wednesday, I stepped out of my truck, and when my right foot hit the ground I heard a pop, and I went to the ground in a heap! I should have gone to the ER on Wednesday. But instead, every waking hour for 3 days I iced my lower right leg, optimistic that the intense pain would subside. It did not.

Now, my right leg is completely immobilized in a cast from the tip of my toes to the middle of my thigh -- my calf muscle shredded. In 7 days an orthopedic specialist will re-evaluate it. I am incredibly grateful that it was not my Achilles tendon.


  1. you are "rode hard and put up wet" an old western saddle.....

  2. So sorry about the shredded muscle thing. I know it puts a damper on your activities! Remember, dear Friend, God MAKES us to lie down in green pastures when we are too eager to be going, going, going! I have just come away from two and an half weeks of laying down in green pastures with a serious case of flu or virus. Never been sick before in my life! But, sometimes we need to be quiet because in those times we become the most receptive to hearing what we need to hear and becoming what we need to become! Love you and praying for you! Helen P.. in Cataula!