Thursday, December 25, 2008


This 25th day of December has been peaceful and relaxing. Justin, Erika, and Meg are here with us. Billy and Naomi, now married, and once classmates with Justin are here. There is a little one growing inside Naomi with a due date of May! Nostalgic conversation and steady laughter circles the table.

A pleasant sound.

Justin, Meg, and Josh bought me a couple of CD's for Christmas -- Credence Clearwater Revival and Folsom Prison, by Johnny Cash. During my teen years, I used to cruise around in my Mustang listening to CCR, and when the boys were young the only "Rock" music I would let them listen to was CCR (it made sense at the time). I didn't listen to Johnny Cash much, but Justin and Josh love his music, and there is something about Cashes story that reminds them of me.

This afternoon, Justin asked me to take a ride and listen to my new tunes. Sensory perception is remarkable -- as CCR played I was transported back in memory over 35 years. Clear as a photogragh, many faces of teenage friends flashed before me -- faces unchanged by time -- and it made great father and son conversation recalling the setting of specific songs.

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