Saturday, December 20, 2008


It is still snowing, and we won't get the official tally until it stops, but I don't think we have been short-changed -- it looks like we got a foot. We love it -- even the 15 degree weather has not deterred us from enjoying the morning outside shoveling. As long as you have the right clothes for it, and we do, you are warm, dry, and comfortable. I know . . .that does not seem possible.

Our next door neighbor Al, the winemaker, was extremely grateful for Sandy, Meagan, and me clearing his driveway and steps. Just before we finished, Al disappeared into his cellar. Minutes later he emerged with a big smile, and a bottle of his home brew! "This for you. My very good wine. Thank you, my very good neighbors."

Later on I am going to take a long walk in a enormous cemetery not far from our house. If I were sure that the wooded area along its back boundary was public property I would pitch my tent there for a night. I know . . .that does not seem possible, either

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