Friday, December 19, 2008

Closing In

This morning the sky was a canopy of clouds that darkened and then faded into shades of gray. My sensory memories came alive, and I could taste and smell the storm charged atmosphere. Coming back inside, I said, "Meg, go outside and breathe the air. You can smell the snowstorm. It's been so long since I have smelled that smell and felt that particular sensation on my face."

That was 5 hours ago. Since then, the muted and patchwork colors above have run together, become more uniform in hue and texture, and the weight of their burden is pressing them to the earth.

Later this afternoon the storm should be dumping several inches an hour, and I will be tramping around in the swirling frenzy of wild weather. Accumulations are steadily being updated, and the projections are getting higher and deeper. According to all the information being gathered by satellite and radar, the Shoreys should be in the big middle of the heaviest snow!

My plans are to camp out tonight, but now there is a question as to whether I can even get to the State Park I have in my sights. One way or another, though, I will find a way to enjoy this extraordinary storm in an un-ordinary way!

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