Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Way of Life

We had a weekend of wild weather. So extreme, treacherous roads forced us to cancel church! Dealing with fickle winter storm systems is a way of life for New Englanders'. Case in point -- this afternoon the snow turned to sleet, and then the sleet to rain, and now it is sleeting again! At dawn it will be 11 degrees, a sheen of ice will make everything sparkle like diamonds, and a brilliant blue sky will be above us. When we step outside into the glowing world of snow the pupils of our eyes will shrink to the size of a BB.

On Wednesday, Christmas Eve, it will be 50 degrees here in southeast Massachusetts!

On a more somber note -- we got word a couple hours ago that Sandy's aunt Barbara passed away. Sandy's mother and Barbara were sisters. On December 22, eleven years ago, Sandy's mom died. Please pray for Sandy and her family during this time of loss.

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