Sunday, November 16, 2008

All Over The Place

This week, our temperatures in southeast Massachusetts will sink into the teens like a rock. Like a man carrying a heavy load up a long, steep hill, the mercury will slowly ascend into the mid 30's, as the sun makes it way above the horizon. A flurry of the white stuff is predicted for Tuesday. Thanksgiving season is usually rolls out the welcome mat letting Old Man Winter know it's time to come and stay for a while.

Also . . .

One of my friends called just a while ago -- just before sundown he bagged a trophy buck -- it will score around 150! He has been stalking the big boy all fall. Richard and I have kept in touch swapping hunting tips since I left the sunbelt. The only way I could be happier for my friend's success is if I, too, were peering out of a tree stand. I really miss Georgia -- Free America.

Earlier today . . .

This morning my wife interceded on my behalf and gathered a few friends in my office to pray over me before this morning's service. The last 72 hours have been a spiritual wrestling match as I struggled with confusion and an inability to concentrate. You may be familiar with the story -- when the deliverer of God's Word has something significant to say, the enemy overloads the mental circuits with a lot of static. Prayer prevailed and all went well.

Interestingly, the big idea of today's message revolved around the parable of the Lost Treasure. In his story, Jesus communicated that his kingdom is hidden in the world, and he alone could see it. Christ alone can see the potential of his kingdom people, so Christ alone can show us the life worth pursuing. In his joy, not grudgingly, Jesus gave all that he had to secure for us this fulfilling future. I think that truth -- the potential God alone sees in his people -- catalyzed the great resistance that braced me the entire weekend.

Why wouldn't the evil one go to work to disengage the speaker and deprive the hearer from such a message? Think how differently we would live our life if we could see our truest self -- the one that God alone sees.

Today's post has covered a lot of ground. It's sort of been all over the place -- like its writer. Nonetheless, I am enjoying the Adventure.

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