Saturday, October 25, 2008

Eagerly Desired

And Jesus said to them, I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer . . .
~Luke 22:15~

Century after century God's people had observed Passover -- a portent of God's Son who would become the sacrificial Lamb. For the final three years of those many centuries, Jesus had been striding toward the cross with his jaw set like flint. The finish line came into view. Jesus' wearying journey of desire was nearly complete. He would fulfill the will of his Father and bring into the full light of revelation the shadowy types and promises of the prophets.

Luke, the immaculate historian, relates and records the mood of Jesus, as told by the disciples. Redemptive gravity was pulling the Savior into the valley of the shadow of death, yet not even the horrendous suffering that awaited him could stifle his joy -- he was eager to lay out the implications of being the Passover Lamb.

Today, for Sandy and me, and our new family of faith, musing on the cross was most appropriate. This morning we broke the bread and drank the cup of Communion. Personally, experiencing the celebration of this holy ordinance in our new setting seemed especially fresh and meaningful. Remembering what Christ did, thrilled with what Christ is doing, and looking forward to what Christ has promised, rekindled an eager desire for the things that matter most.

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