Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stories by Shoreys

Our youngest son Josh just arrived with one of his buddies. They drove here to Massachusetts from Georgia. Needless to say, mom and dad are extremely happy. It only gets better -- for Thanksgiving, Josh and Joanna, Justin and Erika, Miss Meagan, my sisters and their husbands, various nieces and nephews, and my parents will all be here! Believe me, that's a recipe for a good time! Lots of good food will be easy to find, but trying to figure out the sleeping arrangements is a bit of a challenge. Our turn of the century house has a basement, first floor, second floor, and a finished attic. We figure we can find a way to stack in all 16-18 people -- it will be no place for a sleep walker!

We are praying for one of those cool, crisp, bright, perfect fall weekends while everyone is here. Our back yard is surrounded by a white picket fence, and I am going to dig a small fire pit, so we can sit around a glowing circle and swap stories by Shoreys.

Also, the remnants of a hurricane hustled through our area in the last 24 hours. Because we were way out on the edges of Kyle's fury we didn't get the high winds that could have stripped our trees bare and sabotaged our beautiful foliage. Peak season is just 2-3 weeks away!

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