Saturday, September 27, 2008

Enjoying the (extreme) Adventure

Sandy and I are grateful for our friends from warmer climates. This blog -- Enjoying the Adventure -- is one of the ways we let you know what is going on in our lives, and pass along something about our spiritual journey.

Over the up-coming months, I am going to be describing our reentry into the wonderland of a Northeast winter . . .

Soon, God's artistry -- displayed through colder weather -- will transform our trees into pallets of indescribable beauty. Gusting winds, arctic air, and pounding rain will barrel in, stripping the trees down to their bony skeletons. The thin red lines of our thermometers will retreat downward. A pure, white blanket will arrive to tuck nature in for a long winter nap.

Now, I look forward to the raw climate that is on its way. I am not going to hunker down and wait for the bloom of spring and the Eden-like summer days. Instead, I have located my snowshoes, cold weather gear, GPS, and severe-weather sleeping bag. Once again, I have dug out my books on survival, and I am going to Enjoy the (extreme) Adventure!

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