Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2039--To Sandy

Tomorrow we celebrate 31 years of marriage. Over 3 decades are behind us. I hope we celebrate another 31 years in 2039.

Tomorrow never comes. So the saying goes.

If that were true everyday would be the same. But for us, each sunrise has lighted the way for a new adventure.

I pray one thing does remain unchanged. . . Day-after-day, I want you to feel loved and cherished and honored. Today. . .Tomorrow. . . Every moment we share together.


  1. You are incredible.

    I love you, my Warrior-Poet

  2. Happy anniversary!

    This is the first time I visited your blog. It is amazing. I like what I see.

    We miss you! Keep in touch


  3. Hi Paster Bill and Sandy,

    Happy 31st Anniversity!

    We miss you! Just pray that all is well with you!

    Many blessings,

    Li Mickey