Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Beat The Sun Up!

I got out of bed before the sun. It's still snoozing somewhere to the east of me. In my neighbor's yard it is raining from the ground up. I am in the back yard writing, and a few flying insects have made a beeline for the daylight of my computer screen -- only to come to an abrupt stop. They are the fortunate ones -- the soft white light is much kinder than the the glowing, blue landing strip their buddies chose!

Now the eastern sky is brightening, and the stars are fading. Weather Underground says today's thermostat will be set at 88 degrees -- a virtual cold front for the southeast. My to do list is long, and single spaced. I have back-to-back appointments, but I can do all my running around on two wheels. Today, I sign up for my final 3 classes -- in December I will have completed my Masters!

A fat toad is hopping in slow motion, if that is possible, looking for some cover from the soon to arrive heat. Just beyond my ability to see, but not beyond my ability to hear, a few little creatures have begun rustling up breakfast.

I think I will go rustle up some Honey nut Cheerios.

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