Friday, August 29, 2008

First Day

We got behind our windshields later than we expected. Sandy and I are driving separate vehicles -- I got the big truck. We got into Roanoke, VA., several hours later than we expected. As we got closer to Virginia, and the rugged and beautiful mountainous landscape, the Blue Ridges stirred my deepest yearnings. I live with a constant desire to experience the grandeur of God's created world.

Before we settled in for the night we got something to eat at TGI Friday. Sitting across from one another in our booth we talked of how much we are missing Josh and Meagan -- already. Miss Meagan is our baby. She has one more year of college after this one. Once finished with undergrad work, she is exploring the possibility of doing her graduate studies in the Northeast. Our children are very close to us, and to each other. Before we left Josh told us not to worry about Meg -- he would look out for her. Thankfully, the holiday season is approaching, and those days will mean a reunion of our family.

There isn't a whole lot to write about when you have been in the cab of a U Haul all day, but I did spend time cultivating a grateful heart by thinking about all the people who have been so helpful during our preparation for this move. We would still be packing and loading and cleaning without the aide of our gracious friends. Quiet and solitude can be found in unexpected places.

Each step in our Adventure seems to carry with it a greater sense of risk and sacrifice. At the heart of the matter is the absolute truth that following God is never risk free or without sacrifice -- at least not the kind of follow-ship we see in the testimony of Scripture. But the reward far surpasses the risk. Nonetheless we, like every sojourner, struggle a bit as we try to find our spiritual equilibrium. The paradox of belonging to God and the human race keeps the journey interesting!

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