Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Down The Trail

I just came back inside. I have been sitting under the spell of the beautiful skies of the southeast. I saw one meteor streak across the star dotted night. Tomorrow we pack the U Haul, and on Friday Columbus and the state of Georgia will be in the rear view mirror. The thought brings on a bit of melancholy.

The last couple of weeks have flown by. From sun up to sun down we have been filling boxes with the remnants of 30 years of marriage and memories. Sorting through pictures, clothes, books, and sundry other items has been akin to entering a time machine. Traces of our sojourn have been reviewed, revisited, and relived. It is an unusual experience -- a reminder that there comes a point when life turns on the after-burners, and the future rushes to meet us.

Everyday, friends from around the country extend encouragement, well wishes, and the promise of continued prayer. Many of the faces that have been a part of our everyday adventure will, in all probability, never be seen again until we are finally enveloped in eternity. There have been few good-byes. Our circle of relationships have secured time immortal through faith in Christ.

See you down the trail . . .

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  1. You will be missed and your impact never forgotten.I pray for you always. See you down the trail! Learning to enjoy the adventure. Thank you. Bobby