Monday, July 28, 2008

Life after 5

After 5 days of rain, and only sporadic glimpses of the sun, a stiff southwest breeze carried away dark rain clouds, and sticky, humid air. Along the river leafy oak and pine and maple trees lazily sway to its rhythm. Unrelenting downpours raised the river 8-10 inches, cranking up its music as it squeezes through the narrow slot between the ledges and the east bank. Ever changing currents catch rays of sunshine in their tumbling swirl and, turn the surface into a million glittering diamonds.

Earlier in the day we kayaked south around the foot of Birch Island. The confluence of the two branches that circle the island caused the unusual effect of towing our kayaks up stream. Resting our paddles across our laps, we enjoyed the phenomenon of currents flowing north on each side, as we gently moved south defying gravity. Elevated waters had opened cuts and channels we could not explore when the water is down, so we pointed our bows toward their mouth and let the current, that in a matter of yards returned to its normal pattern, pull us through. God’s natural world blessed us with a serendipitous gift.

Late this afternoon I split and stacked a pile of wood from the maple my father and had I felled last year. Tonight, I look forward to an evening around the fire pit. It appears that the sky will be black and clear, and the stars will make a grand appearance. a few hours from now the sunset will shush the wind to a whisper, nighttime will deepen, and the absence of daylight will eliminate one less distraction for the senses. Hearing will become keener, vision more intentional, and new, fresh wonders will emerge.

Later . . .

The night didn’t disappoint me. At 10:11 and 10:24 and 10:44 P.M., wonders of man's creative genius, satellites, passed slowly over the ragged hole in the canopy of trees above me – two came from the southwest, and one came from the northeast. But God would not be out staged, so at 10:45 and 10:54 P.M., He slung a couple of streaking meteors my way that zipped across the sky in a blink. At midnight I decided to leave the fireside and say good night to my Father and give Him thanks for His special gift.

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