Monday, July 28, 2008


(Internet access is limited, but here is another post. Enjoy the Adventure!)

Sandy and I agree . . . this has been our most enjoyable time in Maine over the last several years. From the time we left Georgia we set our heart on looking for opportunities to live from a spirit of generosity. Since then, we have made it a point to go the extra mile to bless people with whatever resources we have available. Ours is not the Life Style of the Rich and Famous, but we do possess a temporal asset that is rare and invaluable - our cabin in Maine. Few places provide the unique experience of this spot along the Penobscot.

For instance . . .

As I write, the sunset is displaying colors that defy description. Each band of tinted sky blends and bleeds into the other. Then, there is the dynamic contrast of an intense bald eagle hunting for its evening meal, and the gentle, melodic lullaby of the wood thrush singing the forest to sleep. The baritone voice of the river joins the songbird's aria adding, and the syncopated popping and crackling from the fire pit keeps tempo. The setting is inimitable.

During our entire two-week stay we have had less than two days without company. We have extended hospitality every chance we’ve had, and it’s proved to be the recipe for the best vacation in years.

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