Friday, July 25, 2008

Enjoy It!

God has given us all things to enjoy. ~Apostle Paul

Watching Sandy kayak across swift water . . .bait her own hook . . .catch her own fish . . .being fearless
River sounds
Night sounds
No unnatural sounds
Crackling Camp fires
Day Dreaming . . .night dreaming
Chilly morning air
Sleeping and awakening with the sun's cycle
Watching a deer on the ledges
Deep voice of an owl
Drenching rains
Heat waves . . . 80 degrees. . . go ahead . . .smile
My mother's scotcheroos
Taking down a tree with my father
Heating water to do dishes
Bathing in the river
Blessing friends with what we have
Watching our son's show at the Plow and Stars
Trying to salsa dance
Trying to merenga (mer-ang-a)
Laughing a lot
A sense of Father God's pleasure

1 comment:

  1. Place twelve stones near the river, because you are for sure in God's country!