Monday, June 16, 2008

The Adventure of Inconsistency!

"I being in the way the Lord led me . . ." Genesis 24:27

"There was never a more inconsistent Being on this earth than Our Lord, but He was never inconsistent to His Father." Oswald Chambers.

At first glance that statement sounds "inconsistent." Yet, the more we look at it the more consistency we find in it. The person responding to their desires by placing them before God will wrestle with the inconsistency of their desires. Also, if you are in an environment where the prevailing desires are "Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die," you may feel ill-at-ease and sense that you are not in step with the world around you. Those same people may try to convince you that you are inconsistent.

If you are truly seeking an abandonment of your desires to embrace God's, the way your life is presently organized will go through a time of increasing fragmentation and inconsistency. How could it not? You are adjusting to the consistency of a Spirit controlled walk; you may recognize a lot of inconsistency in your consistency as God opens your eyes to the order He intended. Life may seem consistently inconsistent. But, like Jesus, it matters not if we are the most inconsistent person in our world, as long as we are consistent to the will of our heavenly Father. Let me finish Chamber's thought perhaps that will help,

"The one consistency of the saint is not to a principle, but to the Divine life. It is the Divine life which continually makes more and more discoveries about the Divine mind."

Sometimes the faith life is an Adventure in Inconsistency!

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  1. this is the most applicable thing i've read for my life right now. Dad, you are such a man of God. i love how you bring understanding to the questions of the heart. i love you