Friday, June 6, 2008

Alice In Wonderland

The human spirit can endure a sick body, but who can bear a crushed spirit? ~ King Solomon

Alice in Wonderland (Sung by Susan Ashton)

When Alice has an answer it's a common rationality

She measures her phrases, tipping the scales of reality

But does she know that it's cold to sing songs to troubled heart

Tho' her aim is sincere she's missing the mark.


She paints her world in yellow and green, covering over the grays

'Cause life's demands are hard to understand

So Alice stays in her wonderland.

I said, Alice look around you, people are falling to pieces
Yea, even the faithful, the ones who still believe in Jesus

But that doesn't mean they've fallen from grace

But in her landscape, their heartache is so out of place.

A crushed spirit—who can bear it?

God, in the timing of His choice, goes after our deeply buried brokenness. Much of what happens in life: breaking, crushing, and its impact, cannot be thought through, or fixed through a process of reasoning. The ways of God, and the complexity and mystery of the human soul, are beyond our comprehension.

Often our rational lines of thinking, and the conclusions we draw from them, are completely out of touch with reality. Something in us demands that the events of our life, or the lives of others, fit neatly into categories of black or white, rational or irrational, fixed or unfixed, and good or bad. At the root of this is the misguided belief that we fully understand the relationship that exists between God and every individual.

Doing so, we miss the mark.

Rationality tells us that the troubled soul need only look at the sunny side of life. Weigh all your experiences on the scales of reason and rationality, and it will be obvious, the good times outweigh the bad. Cheer up! What's your problem?

We do not realize how cold it can be to sing songs to a broken heart. Though our aim is sincere it misses the mark.


  1. Good post Bill. For a while now I've felt like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole and landing in a strange, unfamiliar, frightening spiritual place.

    For several days now I've longed for familiar places of heart and soul that seem to be too far out of reach to ever return. I've wished for ways to unsay things said, unbelieve things believed, and return to that time and place when things seemed clear, life made sense, and the presence of God was undeniable.

    Instead, I find myself in this "wonderland" in which you can never go back, and there is no place ahead to move forward.

    It's just very dark. Very quiet. And very lonely. And the only relief is the occasional, faint, and brief memories of that other land.

  2. Bill,

    I don't want to be a cold-hearted singer, or repeat the mistake of Job's friends. I have no advice, but I will pray that the occasional, faint, and brief memories of the other land will sustain you, until the darkness lifts, the quiet turns to celebration, and the loneliness is replaced by a sense of the presence of God.