Thursday, May 29, 2008

Talking Points

Today I made a list of events from our mission adventure I hope to write about. There are so many things I want to pass along. Here are a couple . . .

We worshiped with Gypsies last Sunday night, and I spoke. The sanctuary was jammed packed -- men on one side -- women on the other. Every word of the message I brought had to pass through Peggy, my interpreter. When I finished the message there was a moment of confusion, and I thought I had misspoken or breached the culture. I held my breath as the pastor dialogged with the translator. After a few minutes I found out what the problem was -- they expect the preacher to speak for several hours!

If you take the time to read Acts 17 -- you will find the story of Paul introducing the gospel at the synagogue in Thessalonica (now called Thessaloniki). Luke tells about the mob being organized at the agora (marketplace) to take out Paul. Approximately 200 yards from the front door of the church (where we are doing our mission work), the Greeks have begun excavating that very agora. It is easy to look down into those ancient ruins and let your imagination take you back 2000 years . . .


  1. Hey Bill, As of this moment...I hate you for not taking me with you to Greece! Seriously though, what a tremendous experience. God be with you...don't get too close to the excavation dig and fall in. Can you imagine someone a thousand years from now attempting to describe your fossilized remains :-). Rock

  2. It is an incredible experience. It is interesting to talk to Greeks and here their interpretation of N.T. texts in the original Greek.

    I am feeling fossilized at the moment!

  3. Are you back yet? I was in Columbus last weekend. Wish we had the chance to get together. You and your bride need to come to Decatur for dinner!

  4. Sandy is done teaching school, so we can make plans to get together. I wish you and the Katiedoodles could have been with us in Europe.