Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Porcelain Doves

But for you who fear my name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in his wings. And you will go free . . . Malachi 4:2

A couple of days ago I got out the leaf blower and turned on the mini, man-made hurricane to clear off our back patio. Leaves and pine-straw began spinning, tumbling, and flying everywhere. Mother nature's debris got a reprieve because I had to shut down and move some patio furniture, work shoes, and a grill. Also, in one corner were tiers of brownish-gray, porcelain doves -- creations of our potter son -- delicate replicas petrified in various stages of flight. Not show-piece quality, but too good to throw away. What would I do with them?

I crouched down and began unstacking the pyramid of fragile glass. At the bottom of the pile, hunkered down, and looking alive -- but in reality dead -- lay a little black bird with white tipped wings and gray chest.

What was it doing there?

Why had it gone there to die?

Have you ever been sitting in your home or office and have a bird bounce off your window? I believe that is what happened to the the once living, dark cluster of feathers I looked upon. My guess is that the impact did not kill the bird, but rendered it unable to fly. This may be a stretch, but I also wondered if -- stunned and flightless -- the tiny creature believed the porcelain wings were real and a place of safety.

Sometimes, we, too, run smack into an invisible wall. The onrushing barrier is not something you can see -- it is just there. You are soaring along with a tail wind, totally unsuspecting, and suddenly -- bang! All you want to do is find a familiar shelter while your head clears. Presently, you are stunned and rendered helpless.

Over the course of our life we repeatedly crash into unseen forcefields -- we don't do it purposely -- and we don't understand why. We may even debate whether God -- or the Evil one -- put them there. But when the collision takes place, the Sun of Righteousness promises that he will rise up -- his wings are not porcelain -- the healing will begin, and we will be free.

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  1. Hey Bill, Sorry I missed your call the other day. Always a real treat talking with you.
    As to the "Porcelain Doves"...I second that emotion...life can come at you fast. Those invisible barriers can be painful!
    Don't taze me bro'!
    Love Ya Man,