Friday, April 4, 2008

The Shack

This will be my last post for a while. Tonight, Sandy and I are flying back to New England. Our oldest son and his wife live in the Boston area, and we are going to spend some time with them. Next week is spring break and that provides the window for us to head back to the chilly Northeast. It will be a blitz -- we will return on Tuesday. Some friends are providing us with some impressive accommodations, and in spite of a forecast that is calling for 3 days of rain and temperatures in the 40s, we are going to pound the pavement in Boston. Time to dig out real winter clothes!

Both of us are bringing some books along -- most of them unrelated to our academic courses. We do a lot of book sharing -- she reads -- then I read, and vice versa. Yesterday, I picked up a book a couple of friends mentioned -- The Shack. Last night I began reading it, and, as is often the case, I got drawn into the story. Iconoclastic and provocative re-imaging of God and spirituality give your brain a squeeze . . . hard to explain . . . read it for yourself.

When I awoke this morning another book came to mind before my feet hit the floor -- The Barbarian Way (I have read it several times). At this point, I have no idea why it surged forward as my first conscience thoughts. I asked Sandy if she had seen the book, and she walked right to it, picked it off her shelf, and handed it to me. Unintentionally, I laid it face-down on the table. We had coffee, Sandy left for school, and I retrieved the book. As I reached for it I was once again arrested by the back cover -- ". . . a call to revolution against 'civilized' Christianity." Choose A Dangerous Road.

To my left is The Shack, and on my right is The Barbarian Way. Is there any significance? If the timing of these books is a spiritual prompting, I can't wait to find it out!

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  1. Iconoclastic, my how you do challenge my grasp for the English language. Thank you!
    We will miss your posts but look forward expectantly to your revelation on the book choice! Have great time with your bride!