Monday, April 21, 2008


So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers. Acts 16:5

Where there is no vision the people perish. Solomon, David's son

I am gathered with Church leaders from around the country in Orlando, Florida. Exponential 08: National New Church Conference, has brought us together. The main theme is -- The DNA of Reproducing Churches. In short, each of the speakers/presenters believe that it is in the spiritual DNA of Christ followers -- and the churches they find community in -- to reproduce. There are no -- talkers but not walkers -- all of them are leading churches that reproduce/birth other faith communities. Every one of them are advancing the kingdom by bringing people into the kingdom -- there is no desire to grow churches through the transfer of memberships. Communicating the vision of multiplying churches drenches every session.

Five minutes into the first session the speaker began, "There can be no Compelling Vision before you see where God is working, and then join Him in what He is doing. Once you join God in what He is doing the compelling vision will come . . . it's like the old Blackaby study says . . ."

Wow! Truth forever remains relevant.

This is not your usual stock and trade of conference attendees -- the feet of six-out-of-ten are shod in flip flops, or a pair of Birkenstock sandals. I was the only one wearing cowboy boots -- I think that makes me a non-conformist! Obviously this is a gathering of men and women willing to cast off convention. How else do you reach a generation that is no longer conventional?

Also . . .

I have met only one person I know -- and of all people it was Dave Howeth. Dave was the main contact we had in Bozeman, Montana, and the one who did the Personality and Leadership evaluation on Sandy and me for the SBC.
Shortly after we met, Dave left Montana for Denver, Colorado to follow God's call to develop a church planting initiative there. Both of us were really glad to get caught up with each other's life.

After Dave and I parted it occurred to me that it has been over a year since both of us were rerouted from Montana -- but we have never stopped experiencing God.

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