Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Will Choose That One

A door opens to me. I go in and am faced with a hundred closed doors. ~ Antonio Porchia

I am the door. ~ Jesus Christ

Jesus is the door -- the Door faces the darkness engulfing our physical world and our spiritual world. At his feet is a welcome mat, and he always leaves the light on -- he is the light. To be in Christ means that you have turned toward the Light, walked to the Door, and stepped across the threshold. The good news is -- Jesus extends the same gracious hospitality to everyone, Come on in -- the door is open!

Everyone who steps through that Door, soon realizes it is not the last stoop to cross -- it is not the last door knob to be turned -- there will be others. With that first step you began a journey of faith that takes you down a lot of corridors. Choosing doors becomes a way of life, and you find yourself asking, God, have You opened this door . . . God, will You open this door . . . God, if I am about to step through the wrong door will You close it?

The apostle Paul made an interesting statement about his life, God, and doors. Exhilarated, he sends off a letter to some friends telling them -- I will stay in Ephesus . . . for a wide door for effective work has been opened for me, and there are many adversaries (1 Cor. 16:9). To paraphrase, he says, God has thrown open a door -- not just a crack -- it is wide open, and I am at the threshold of an immense opportunity!

When Paul's shoulders passed through the door posts, he immediately realized there was more -- he must step through other doors, and therein was the apostle's problem -- adversaries had slammed them shut! Like Porchia, Paul had stepped through one door, and then he had to face a hundred closed doors.

What do we do with that? Here are some thoughts . . .

Sometimes God opens a door so obvious it is nearly impossible to miss. Then there are times when you are at a standstill -- before you are a hundred doors. Each one is closed, so you begin to wonder, Do I choose door number one, door number two, door number three . . . You can't see Jesus and there is no friendly welcome mat and no one has left a light on for you!

When you find yourself in those circumstances, give all those doors a closer look. Let's say there are, as Porchia said, a hundred closed doors. Unlike the others, you notice that one door is heavily guarded by adversaries -- that is the one I would choose.

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