Saturday, March 29, 2008

Finding God

In just a few minutes I will leave to meet with a group of Chinese Believers -- I will speak at their house church fellowship. This is a different community than the one I meet with on a weekly basis. For the last 2 years God has expanded my opportunities to use the spiritual gifts He has given me within the Asian community.

Tonight I am going to talk to them about Finding God. The book of Acts is my favorite book in the Bible -- though scholars may disagree -- I also believe it is the most important book. To make my point -- remove it, read through the gospels, move on to the epistles and see if they make any sense at all.

Finding God will focus around three individual stories of conversions -- you can read them in Acts, chapters 8; 10; 16 -- there you will find the details. If you think about the characters being guided into the kingdom in a contemporary setting, think about our Secretary of the Treasury, an Army officer, and an entrepreneurial business woman whose clientele is the extremely wealthy.

Luke describes how each of them are drawn to Christ like metal shavings to a magnet. Finding God also reveals the journey of the ones -- evangelists -- whom God navigates into position to share the good news. Woven into their epics are some significant barriers to sharing Christ and coming to Christ: Prejudice, stubbornness, confusion, money, power, and place in society. Each player is a leaders among their peers, and under the watchful eye of God.

I will write more later . . .

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