Thursday, March 6, 2008


Send me a sign of your favor. Psalm 86:17

Every Thursday our church staff gathers in the sanctuary for CRAVE. CRAVE is not a clever acronym written in capital letters. CRAVE is meant to express an intense disposition of our heart as we enter into God's presence. There is nothing liturgical or sanctimonious about CRAVE. We begin with a common Scripture to read and then spread out to find our own Holy ground spot to meditate on God's Word. About 45 minutes later we huddle up and pass along whatever God may have revealed. Hearing what the Spirit of God speaks into the heart of each person reminds me of the opening verse of the book of Hebrews . . . at many times and many ways, God spoke . . .

This Thursday we were pointed toward verses 11-13, but we were not anchored to that passage. I found myself scanning beyond the verses under consideration, and while doing so verse 17 caught my attention. I heard David saying, I CRAVE for a unique sign from the Lord -- evidence that God's favor rests on me!

That phrase touched on a deep desire long held in my own heart. I found myself nodding in agreement and praying . . .

O God, I CRAVE for a unique sign -- evidence that Your favor rests on me.

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