Monday, February 18, 2008

Back From Venezuela!

Not a soul was lost (there were several near misses)! Not one person got sick! Not one injury! All construction goals were met! Team chemistry exceeded expectations! Spiritually -- we received much more than we could ever give! The Venezuelans welcomed us with open arms, honored us every way they could, and listened intently and enthusiastically as I preached through an interpreter -- twice. Many of us choked back tears when it was time to say good-bye.

Caracas is a chaotic and dangerous place. Every night gunshots rang out just beyond the steel barred windows where we slept. Streets jammed full of people and automobiles darted and weaved like bats chasing insects. Not a single place or moment offered quiet or solitude.

South America is one of the hundreds of places God has prepared to receive spiritual adventurers from North American churches. Fledgling churches are clawing for every inch of ground to establish a beachhead for advancing Christ's kingdom. Now more than ever Faith Communities are responding to a Spirit driven movement to adopt aggressive plans to deploy to hot spots globally.

With each passing moment thousands of people are discovering they have been through enough bible studies and listened to enough sermons -- now it's time to put feet to their faith. Yes, they could go across the street, but that is not where their heart is. Quite simply -- they want to go where they can make a measurable difference.

For a while I will post about our mission in Caracas. Please excuse my typos and poor grammar -- I am so far behind I think I am in first place!

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