Thursday, December 27, 2007


Listen to my voice in the morning, LORD. Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly. ~ David, a man after God’s own heart

As the sun edged over the horizon—Israel's king swung his feet over the edge of his royal bed. His first words and activity of the day was to make his way into God’s presence through prayer. There was a pattern. Night-after-night the relief of sleep paved the way for the king’s soul to surface his needs. Day-after-day David brought those needs to the Maker of his soul. The Psalmist’s faith was confident and robust. With patience and expectancy he waited-He knew he had the ear of the King of the universe-his needs would be supplied.

I have been listening for a Word from God—a theme and compass for 2008—I believe I have found it, Listen to my voice, LORD, and I will listen for yours. If 2007 revealed anything it has shown me that my deepest needs are not money, success, promotion, or things of that nature. Life has taught me that that list is universally predictable as the fruit of hard work. Honestly? The overwhelming majority of people attain all of those things without giving one thought to God.

Then what do I request?

Here it is: Communication—with my God who never sleeps, even when I do; Confident—that an audience with God is available at the dawn of each new day; Clarity—to discern the author of the needs I seek; Character—a resolute and patient faith that expects to hear God’s voice.

With a, dry erase, chisel tip, Expo marker, I wrote David’s plea on my mirror above the vanity. In 2008, I want the reflection looking back at me, in reality, to be a man conformed to the image of Christ-a man after God’s own heart.

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