Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Birthday And Other Stuff

Today is my birthday. It won't be long before I am in the ground, face up, with dirt being shoveled in my face. I turned 52 -- if you are wondering. Sandy bought me season 6 of the T.V. series 24! In just a few minutes we will have some birthday cake (that says "Happy birthday Phil. A little miscommunication) and then Sandy, Josh, Meagan, and I will watch a few breath-taking episodes. I think I may have told you in an earlier post -- I want to be Jack Bauer. When I get even older I want to be Hub McCann, the crusty old guy in the movie, Second Hand Lions (played by Robert Duval). Fifty-two doesn't feel much different than being fifty-one. Years 50-52 have been pretty dynamic for my bride and me -- not much grass grew under our feet.

Yesterday Jimmy Cook and I performed the wedding of Emily Cook and Randy Shultz. Jimmy is Emily's grandfather. He and I have done quite a few funerals together, but this was the first wedding we have done -- Jimmy did the vows and I did the charge to the bride and groom. I have a long history with Emily and Randy, so it was one of those stress free weddings. These two kids have been head-over-heels in love for years, but held off on marriage due to the threat of bodily injury by the parents on both sides of the aisle ;) Lots of old friends were in attendance, so for Sandy and me it doubled as a reunion of sorts.

All my family called from different parts of New England to wish me a happy birthday. Maine and Massachusetts are in the midst of another 1-2 feet of falling, swirling snow. Today's temperatures in Old Town, Maine will peak at a brisk 11 degrees!

Finally, I spoke at all 3 services at Christ Community Church this morning. I was blessed with a great sense of the Spirit's liberty. During the response time, one of our ladies brought a friend forward she had recently led to Christ. I was asked to go to God on behalf of my new sister in the faith. She had some specific needs and she was seeking intercessors.

Time for 24!


  1. Bill -
    Happy birthday my friend. I wish I had known today was your day. Man, you laid it out this morning - what a birthday present you gave me this morning - see my blog. You mean a great deal to me and you have played a huge role in my spiritual growth these past 2 years. I thank God for Bill Shorey.

    richard illges

  2. Is your sermon available on-line anywhere?

  3. It will be on the church website as a podcast in the next couple of days. If you want a copy of the CD call the church and they will gladly send you one.


  4. What is the church's web-site?