Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sox And The Rox

It's the 5th inning and the Red Sox are pounding the Colorado Rockies. I have been saying that the Sox will sweep. My friend Richard I. is going to be buying me a steak dinner. The poor man. He should have more faith in this prophet. Let's see. Colorado is on their third pitcher already. Not looking good for the boys from the Coors brewing country.

Did I tell you that the same Richard I. told me the Indians would win it in five?

What's this? The boys from Boston just scored another run (11-1)! Unfortunately, the World Series will probably be over before I get back from Venezuela. Hold on! Wait a minute! Ellsbury just walked and another run scored (12-1). Did I tell you that the Red Sox have also set a World Series record for extra base hits?

Richard, I know you won't believe this, but Speir just walked in another run (13-1).

What's this? Am I beginning to feel sympathetic? No. Not at all!

Richard, I like my steak my steak medium rare. Of course, I get to pick the steak house!


  1. Now, now Bill - no one likes a sore winner. It ain't over til its over.

  2. Go Sox!!!!!Yeah for New England!