Monday, September 3, 2007

Over The Horizon

Tomorrow morning we will be in Bermuda! The voyage over has been nearly perfect: Food excellent; weather like the garden of Eden; no motion sickness for my bride; Bailey is in Maine.

As we slice through the wide open seas, we have stopped often to consider the One to whom all praise, honor, and thanks belong. What an imagination He has!

It is difficult to express just how wonderful our time together continues to be. Hopefully, Sandy and I will will be blessed with another thirty!

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  1. Hello Bill. My name is Bill Huffhine from Christ Community Church. I'm an ordained elder in our denomination and the first church planter sent out by CCC. After planting and leading a church in Illinois, my wife and I are now back in Columbus and at CCC.

    Keith has been telling me about you for a few weeks now. I want to welcome you to CCC and let you know that I'm eager to meet you.

    Keith shared your blog address in our monthly newsletter so I've been checking it out. I am an avid blogger as well. Drop by mine some time at

    May God overwhelm you with his kindness today!