Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Response Time

I left Maine on Sunday afternoon and drove straight through to Columbus -- less than 25 hours from start to finish. My only stops were to refuel and let Bailey take a little stroll. Yes -- Bailey traveled with me,and I am actually starting to like him. There is evidence he is redeemable. My trip back to Columbus was necessitated in order to respond to some incredible blessings from the hand of God. Let me fill in some of the background . . .

As much as Sandy and I have sought to trust God without reservation, we have really wrestled with all that goes with a significant change of plans. As many of you know, we were ready to head west to plant a church in Montana. Then God, for reasons unknown to us, redirected us away from Bozeman. When this happened, we knew that some people would not understand (how could they? we didn't...), and some may even be critical. But we also knew that "saving face" would never substitute for obedience. Still, I must confess -- both of us wondered what God was up to. To be completely candid -- I feared that I had somehow just plain blown it.

But in the last 72 hours our God, who sometimes chooses to be so quiet, chose to break the silence and reveal to us why we are still in Georgia. He confirmed that He had kept us here, indeed. And once again, our heavenly Father reminded us that His plan always includes things that only obedience will reveal, and you can only be obedient one choice at a time.

We could not be more thrilled with staying in Columbus -- it is home!

Also . . .

In the morning Bailey and I will head back to Maine. I am going to divide the trip back into two days. Lord willing, I will drive to Carlisle, Pennsylvania on Wednesday and then on to the cabin, Thursday. It may be a couple of days before I am able to post again, but until then, Godspeed!

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  1. Sometimes its not about the thing that God has for us to do at a particular moment, but rather its about if he has our full attention.

    I think God wants to grab out full attention at times. Sometimes he tells us to do something and we just do it. Sometimes we question it. Sometimes I think he tests us to see if we are ready to do a task he needs us to do. Sometimes we need to be shaken, not just stirred.