Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Great Big Silvery Moon

Bright sunshine, low humidity, and solitude made today most idyllic. Sandy and I clicked off over twenty miles on our bikes, swam in the river, and did some cooking together. Tonight we went to my sister’s house where most of my family gathered to make s’mores.

Sitting here on the porch of the cabin, as the clock moves toward midnight, I am listening to the wind whisper through the treetops, and the river bubble and gurgle as gravity pulls it south. Tonight, the moon is nearly full orbed, and by sunrise we will wake up to a temperature of 56 degrees.

Voracious reading has gobbled up much of my time here – everything from Louis L’Amoir to Kipling. Using Christian speak -- it is our custom to divide our lives into “secular” and “spiritual” -- my reading has alternated pretty evenly between the two.
Sandy and I hit a couple of bookstores in Bangor, and there are several books, here at the camp, that I am reading for the second and third time. This sabbatical has allowed me to read more casually, yet prolifically. Who knows when I will have an opportunity like this again?

I have also been reading through the book of Colossians every day. Every day something new arrests my attention -- something I missed in my previous readings. Spiritually, Sandy and I are going through a private time. Most of what God is doing, we are not ready to reveal to the world. In one sense we feel like race cars that have been brought into the shop for some fine-tuning. We spend hours talking through layer upon layer of stuff that has been lying dormant for some time. Conversations are often intense, but always marvelously liberating.

For the last few nights I have been watching the moon change from a silver sliver to a glowing ball in the night skies. I know it will go through a cycle, and then the watermelon rind shape will reappear. Our pursuit of God’s truth is like the stages of the moon -- we start with the sliver of a thought, and consider it until we feel it has rounded out to something that is clear enough to see, understand, and somehow put to use. When we come full circle, another sliver appears and the process begins . . . again.

Right now Sandy and I are watching slivers. We know that clarity will come in stages. Soon, much that is seen in part will be seen in full. Out of the darkness – full-orbed truth will be revealed.

Enjoying the Adventure,


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