Friday, August 17, 2007

From My Journal -- My Cause: I Am Your Builder

I pulled this post from a couple of years back. I hope you enjoy it.

Enjoying the Adventure,


We are all builders; building up -- what? Character, ourselves. But what sort of thing is it that we are building? Some of us pigsties, in which gross, swinish lusts wallow in filth; some of us shops; some of us laboratories, studies, museums; some of us amorphous structures that cannot be described. But the Christian man is to be building himself up into a temple of God. The aim which should ever burn before us, and preside over even the smallest actions . . . Alexander Maclaren

Lord, one of your servants penned these words many years ago. As I sit here in this simple framed cabin and look at its structure, to me it is magnificent. It was built to my likings with spartan furnishings. There are gas lights for when it gets dark, a woodstove for when it gets cold. Windows let in sound and light. I stay dry when it rains or snows. It is not built for year-round occupancy, but for a place of respite, reading, and solitude. I don't need the cabin, I can get along without it. I have another home with all the creature comforts. But I am grateful for the attention the builders gave to my desires. I love this place in the wilderness.

Lord, I am reminded of the building You desire to dwell in. I am Your temple. I want to be magnificent to Your eyes, if no one else's, built to Your likings. Open to Your light and sound, comfortable to dwell in. You don't need me, but you desire me. You have a splendid home, but find great enjoyment in the one I am building for You.

I will give attention to what I am building. Speak Your Word and cause that aim to burn in me!

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