Friday, August 10, 2007

Fire And Ice

Time keeps moving, and another midnight has passed. It is earliest morning, but many hours before the cheerful sun will peak over the horizon. A trio of short logs is slowly returning to dust as they release their pent up energy, and share their warmth. I scoot my chair a little closer to the flames, but it is not quite enough heat. So I just buttoned the top, brass button of my denim jacket, and turned the collar up in back -- my guess is that the temperature is in the low to mid-fifties. iTunes is relaying the pleasant music of Nicola Piovani to my ears, yet I can still hear the sounds of the river below me that flows ceaselessly day and night.

Today (Thursday) was Meg’s last day here at the cabin, and it ended with a bang. She and I took a kayak trip around Birch Island. Later in the day she took a long kayak trip with Josh and a couple of their friends visiting from Massachusetts. When they returned, I had the big blue porcelain pot sitting over an outdoor fire, full of water, and getting ready to boil – we were having Maine lobstah! Ayuh! In a few hours we will say our good-byes as she leaves for her second year of college.

Moments ago I mentioned the temperature. Today I have heard from several friends back in Columbus, Georgia, and they tell me it was 100 plus degrees there -- with a heat index over 110 there! Ugh!

The temperature in Georgia is one hundred degrees?
Here in Maine I think I might freeze!

For Georgians tomorrow -- will it even climb higher?
Here in Maine I put more wood on the fire!

How Ironic, Piovani has finished, and Nora Jones just sang Your Cold, Cold Heart! She followed it up with Come Away With Me.

You gotta love it!

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