Sunday, July 22, 2007

Victoria's Secret

This morning I met the Chinese students at Christ Community Church. CCC is not my home church, and I do not know very many people there. We were going to attend the second service and arrived before the first service ended. It wasn't long before before Robert and Sarah were standing in the foyer with the students, and we were all greeting and hugging each other -- Today would be the last time we would see each other here in the United States.

After a few minutes Oprah handed me a little pink bag that had a card, and a couple of DVD's they had put together as a gift in it. I thanked them and continued to mill around among hundreds of people -- some leaving and some just arriving. Being quite secure in my masculinity, I didn't think much of the pretty little pink bag that I held by its cord handles. I did notice that others were giving me and the little pink sack more than a casual glance.

I walked across the foyer to talk to a couple of friends, Richard and Shannon. Shannon lit up with a rather taunting smile and said, "O I really like your little pink bag -- I didn't know you shopped at Victoria's Secret!" Yes, sure enough, the only little "gift bag" Oprah had for my gift and card was a shiny, pink one with Victoria's Secret beautifully -- and very conspicuously scrolled on its side!

Everyone started howling with laughter. Sarah George came to my rescue and took the contents from the bag and put them in her purse. Unfortunately, in my embarrassment, I put the empty bag on the counter of the welcome center!

A perfect and fitting ending to my time with Larry, Oprah, Linda, and Cordelia.

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  1. Now I know why the Chinese students slipped out of the service a little bit early today! I can't wait to hear the rest of your "soul searching" story and what your plans are in Columbus.
    In Christ,
    Pam Cotter