Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Edgy

Tonight there is about a dozen 20 something year olds hanging out at our house -- my son Josh's friends. They let me hang with them. We ate spaghetti and talked theology. This is truly a unique group. Most of them grew up together in mainline churches, but have really moved out to the edges with a great desire to go deep and find a way to reach their generation who so desperately need God.

I love their hearts. Almost every one of them have been involved in some kind of cutting edge evangelical outreach or mission somewhere on this globe. But tonight, they really threw me a curve ball when they all rushed to our bedroom to watch The Next Food Network Star! I lie not (at this moment they are clapping for the potential food network star winner). Wait, wait they just announced the winner -- it's Amy -- and the room (our bedroom) exploded with applause (I am not making this up).

People are people and life is good!

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