Monday, July 23, 2007

Don't Bother To Read This

Don't bother to read this; I am only writing because I am now sitting in a bus station in Portland, Maine -- tired and bored. Reading is an option, but I can't seem to muster the gumption or intellectual momentum to do so.

In the background Lou Dobbs is on CNN babbling on about the problem of illegal immigration. A crawl in the lower corner of the television screen is giving us a countdown to the Democratic presidential debates; there are 8 candidates. Hillary leads in the polls by double digits over Obama -- yippee. I'll say no more about that (for the moment). Like I said, I am tired and bored, and it may not be prudent to chronicle my thoughts about Hillary in particular.

Free WiFi! For that I am grateful -- I had to pay 8 bucks at Logan. In a few minutes I will be able to check the Boston Globe sports page and see how the Sox are doing against the Cleveland Indians. Tonight, Jon Lester is making his re-entry with the Boston locals. Exactly 11 months ago -- to the day -- he was diagnosed with cancer; his recovery is inspiring and remarkable. The lefty is only 23 years old and considered a cornerstone of Boston's future pitching staff.

Have you ever been in a bus station? This one has a lot of red, white, and blue paint. Dark blue walls provide the background for giant white letters that read: Parking, To Trains, To buses, and Bus Tickets. Concord Trailways is shadowed by a bright red, swirly CT.

I am in the WiFi section of the terminal -- the walls are painted yellow -- yellow is supposed to have a calming effect on you. Must be working -- I am very calm. In fact, I am so calm I am fighting drowsiness. I fear that if I fall asleep I will miss my ride.

Back to CNN. They are trying their darndest to build interest in to the debates. They have tried controversy, comedy, and the opinion of the talking heads. Questions via video is a new twist.

Obama was just asked about his political inexperience -- being that he is only a first term Senator. Obama completely avoided the question (a sure sign he will be a quick learner if he is elect to the most powerful position on the globe).

Now Hillary is talking. She just reminded us that she has 35 years of experience and was the First Lady for 8 years (I am surprised that she brought up the First Lady thing. Boy, could I lay down some sizzling ink about her being the First Lady). O, and she is a good old politically progressive American.

Joe Biden is on the stump now -- The gist of his conversation is his integrity (I'm serious).

John Edwards just took an oath to take on everyone (Picture his signature closed fist with the thumb up). He will fight for change. He will take on insurance and drug companies.

Another bus just emptied its contents into the lobby. A lady came running up to the television exclaiming her support for Obama. She has now left the building.

If you took the time to read this -- it's your own fault. I warned you.

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