Friday, July 20, 2007

Cindy Patrick

Some very gracious and generous people flew me from Maine to Atlanta, so that I could conduct the funeral for Cindy Patrick. Cindy finally succumbed to the cancer she has battled month after month.

In one sense Cindy's memorial service will be easy to conduct, because her walk with Jesus was so obvious. She literally led hundreds of women to Christ through Stonecroft Ministries. She was always elbow deep in the drama and music ministry of Morningside Baptist Church. She provided leadership for some of the finest Easter and Christmas productions I have ever seen.

In another sense Cindy's funeral really stretches all of us. It is hard to understand why God sees fit to take a woman like Cindy home. Rarely do you see a person with the desire to witness about her Savior like Cindy. I am just being brutally honest -- very few believers are engaged in advancing the kingdom. It seems that comfort has taken a front row seat in the lives of many professed believers.

Cindy's desire was that her memorial service be a celebration. She was absolutely sure that in the light of eternity her exit from earth meant her entrance into the presence of her beloved Savior. Now she no longer walks by faith -- She is with Jesus -- the One who without question she deeply adored.

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