Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Sandy had to be at the Medical Center at 5:45 a.m. Butch and Georgie, who both work there, met us and gave Sandy the care and attention of a VIP. Butch was the first Deacon Chairman I had at MBC and is a good friend. He married way up when he landed Georgie. She is one of the most kind and thoughtful people we have ever met. Neither of them is ashamed of the faith and took the time to pray over my bride.

By 8 a.m. I was in the waiting room, and Sandy was in the cutting room. There were no surprises, and the surgery went very well. Several of our closest friends came by the hospital to see how things were going. Soon I got the news that Sandy was in the recovery room where she slept for a couple of hours. By the time she was discharged -- and we stopped to fill a prescription -- I only had a little more than an hour to change clothes and gears before Ed Helton and I were to conduct Kent's funeral at MBC.

This evening, Richard and Shannon brought our supper to us. I was starved, and it was good (not that it wouldn't have been good if I wasn't starved). Our dog, the resident con artist, who I believe is demon possessed, behaved fairly well while our guests were here. He spread the love around between Richard, Shannon, and their daughter Lucy. Richard and Shannon and Lucy. Richard and Shannon and Lucy. You get the picture.

This day has vaporized -- gone in a flash. Soon the sun will set, and a nearly full moon will cast its lesser light throughout the night. Both my brain and body are sluggish from the events of the last 48 hours. Sandy is in bed, and I am about to go out on the back patio and veg out.

Also . . .

We had a couple return to look at our house for a second time. Maybe . . .

Enjoying the Adventure,


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  1. Bill,

    Great news about Sandy amidst so much news that's been otherwise. I've really felt drawn to study about GRACE lately and in all things, bad and good, I'm realizing that we operate in God's grace. His Grace is sufficient for all things we go through. Please let Sandy know that we're praying for her full recovery and remind her that she's in God's grace!

    thx, Phil