Thursday, June 21, 2007


Sandy spent 3 hours in the Columbus Clinic this afternoon. If you have been following my posts you know that my bride has been pretty sick for over 6 weeks. Her doctors have been focused on the gallbladder as the possible cause of her pain that varies from chronic to acute. She has already had a battery of tests including blood tests, a CT scan, and an ultra-sound. The ultrasound showed no sign of gallstones.

The purpose of the HIDA Scan is to determine if the gallbladder is functioning properly. The symptoms are typically similar to gallstones. During the scan, radioactive isotopes are injected through a vein and tracked as they travel to the gallbladder. As the dye was injected, Sandy watched it course up the vein in her arm, through her heart, liver, and on to the gallbladder.

During the test a hormone was given that made the gall bladder respond like she had just eaten a big meal. As it began to empty she experienced intense pain in her abdomen and became nauseous. Once home she went directly to bed and slept.

On Monday, we should know the results of the scan, and Sandy has an appointment with her specialist. We are praying that the cause of her 6 plus week sickness will be pinpointed and addressed.

As I get ready to close this post Sandy is now sitting out on the patio with Josh and me. We are grateful for everyone's prayers and concern.

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  1. Bill - thanks for this update. I am encouraged = it really sounds like maybe it is the gallbladder after all --- let's hope so because that can easily be fixed.

    In this with you both,

    Richard & Shannon